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BRANDT Super 7 is a unique product with multifunctional properties: nonionic, weak foaming surfactant, controls the uniformity of droplets, reduces the flow of droplets from the target object, reduces the pH of the working solution, ensures contact and retention of components on the surface of the target object, improves absorption due to unsurpassed penetrating properties, which as a result increases the effectiveness of pesticides and other components of the tank solution.



Active Components:

Alcohol ethoxylates, lecithin 100.00%

• Reduces tank mix solution demolition

• Controls flow of working solution drops

• Penetrator

• Sticker

• Improves water quality

• pH corrector

• DOES NOT contain alkylphenol ⃰⃰⃰ ethoxylate impurities

* - nonionic - does not have a charge, and therefore is compatible with all agrochemicals in the tank mix solution.

- a substance that is used by enterprises and remains as waste after residual washing of finished products, builds strength in nature and causes serious damage to ecosystems in the water. In addition, it harms human hormones and other internal secrets and is considered harmful to human health.

 BRANDT SUPER 7 is a nonionic *, a low-foaming surfactant that increases the activity and efficacy of pesticides and fertilizers for foliar nutrition.


• Reduces the demolition of the working solution, both as a result of wind action and during the contact of the drop with the target;

• Increases adsorption, penetration and movement of agrochemicals components;

• Acidifies and acts as an excipient during the demolition of drops;

• Uses organic acid as a buffer system;

• Lecithin as a penetrator through wax;

• Multifunctional surfactant (surfactant);

• Does not contain harmful components.

Reducing the demolition of the tank mix solution - due to surfactants, the drop is not carried away by the wind and remains on the surface of the leaf.

There are 2 types of the demolition of the tank mix solution:

• Demolition at the moment of sprayer operation, windy weather

• At the moment of contact of the tank mix solution with the leaf surface

The BRANDT Super 7 product makes the drop heavier and thus preventing the drop demolition. Reducing the flow of the tank mix solution is achieved by reducing surface tension on the surface of the plant.

A product for improving water quality - achieved due to a water quality conditioner that is part of the formulation. Brandt ® Super 7 acidifies water before preparing the tank mix solution.





Way of Application

Rate of application, l (on 100 liters of water)

General Application

With defoliants, desiccants, herbicides

0,1 - 0,3

With acaricides, foliar fertilizers,  fungicides, insecticides and PGR

0,063 - 0,2

Application as Acidifier or Buffering agent

Very alkaline water (рН 8 or higher)

0,3 - 0,4

Middle alkaline water (рН 6,5 –8)

0,1 - 0,2


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